The stable situation in the country contributes to the fact that you can always be confident in the future. You can be sure that your salary will not be less and can only increase with time. If you are performing it well. You can be sure that the employer will not tell you from day to day that his company is closing. The probability of such events is very small. You can be sure that you always have the opportunity to stay and work and live in this country if you are working in Poland. Even after the end of the visa. The main thing is that you must be satisfied with the work and the employer must be pleased with you as an employee. And only then to legalize your continued stay in Poland.

You are guaranteed to get health insurance if you were employed officially. The employer is obliged within a week to submit information about the employee to ZUS (the social insurance office) during the employment process. You can go to a doctor for free, providing only an extract (which you can always ask from the employer) confirming your insurance if you will need it. It is important to remember that this does not apply to private medical clinics and offices. If you live in Poland with the whole family, there is an opportunity to add to this insurance.

Also the data of your children. And then you do not need to buy insurance for them in a private medical clinic. Of course, this is another fact confirming that the Republic of Poland cares not only about its citizens, but also provides all the privileges of living and working in Poland to foreigners.

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