Malta’s new program has seen the EU country remain at the top of the Global citizenship programs Index. while the Austria Private Residence Program and the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program share the top spot in the Global Residence Programs Index (GRPI) — this according to Investment Migration Programs 2021, released today by the leading international residence and citizenship advisory firm Henley & Partners.

Citizenship by investment programs: Malta remains the global leader:

For the sixth consecutive year, Malta is the world’s top-ranking CBI country, with its Granting of Citizenship for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment process scoring 80 out of 100. The regulations allow for the granting of citizenship following a 36-month residency period or by exception a 12-month residency period. Malta is followed in the GCPI by Austria’s CBI option in 2nd place, with a score of 74 and the Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program in 3rd place, with a score of 72. The St. Lucia Citizenship-by-Investment Program is ranked 4th, with a score of 71.The remaining Caribbean CBI programs take up the next four spots, with the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship-by-Investment Program in 5th place, with a score of 70, the Grenada Citizenship-by-Investment Program and the St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship-by-Investment Program in joint-6th place, each with a score of 69, and the Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment Program in 7th place, with a score of 68.The Turkey Citizenship-by-Investment Program is in 8th place with a score of 67, and the final three places in the ranking are occupied by Vanuatu with a score of 65, Jordan with a score of 63, and Cambodia with a score of 53.

Residency by investment program: Austria & Portugal share top Spot:

Each scoring 75 out of 100, the Austria Private Residence Program and the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program have emerged as the world’s top RBI programs out of the 24 that were considered. The two European countries have competed over the first position in the GRPI since Investment Migration Programs was launched in 2015.The 2nd place is shared jointly by the Italy Residence-by-Investment Program and the Swiss Residence Program¸ which each scored 73, and the Greece Golden Visa Program is not far behind in 3rd place with a score of 72.Jersey Residence-by-Investment and the UK Investor Immigration Program are in joint-4th place, each with a score of 63, and the 5th place is shared by three programs that each score 62 — the Australia Residence-by-Investment Program, the Malta Residence and Visa Program, and the Spain Residence-by-Investment Program.Further down in the index, the US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program shares the 7th position with the New Zealand Investor Resident Visa Program and the Hong Kong Visa Programs, each with scores of 60, while the 8th place is jointly held by Dubai (UAE), Monaco, and the Thailand Elite Residence Program, each with scores of 59. The Bulgaria’s residence-by-investment program sits at the bottom of the index with a score of 43 out of a possible 100 points.

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