Ukraine and Moldova are now candidate countries for EU Membership, as the European Council has decided, while Georgia will be granted the status once the required criteria are fulfilled.

According to a press release regarding the discussions and decisions of the Summit held on June 23 and 24, the EU Council has invited the European Commission’s opinions for their membership applications as part of the enlargement package,

During the same, the EU Council noted that Georgia, which applied for the status altogether with Ukraine and Moldova, will have its status as a candidate country once the priorities mentioned in the Commission’s opinion are resolved and addressed. All countries submitted the applications indicating the Copenhagen criteria were met in different fields such as economic, political and human rights.

“This is a moment where we must remain together. It is a moment we did not choose, but one that we have no choice but to meet. I know there are no easy answers or easy decisions, rest assured that there are wrong ones, that we must avoid. And it would have been a historically wrong decision not to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova today, or give a clear perspective to Georgia,” European Parliament President Roberta Metsola said during the meeting of the Parliament in Brussels.

David McAllister, the Member of the EU Parliament, also noted that by granting EU candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova, the EU proved its commitment to these countries that have chosen the European path, calling this moment historic for the European Union.

In addition, he called on the authorities of these respective countries to continue implementing necessary reforms in areas of democracy, human rights, the rule of law and market economy, as well as the implementation of the EU acquis, which represents the legislation of the European law, which binds together all EU countries.

As per Western Balkans, the European Union called for the acceleration of the accession process of these countries, while the European Council invited the Commission, the High Representative and the Council to further increase the integration between the European Union and the region.

“The European Council recalls the importance of reforms, notably in the area of the rule of law and in particular those related to the independence and functioning of the judiciary and the fight against corruption. It also calls on the partners to guarantee the rights and equal treatment of persons belonging to minorities,” the press release explains.

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