The French national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, Business France, has announced that since January 1, 2022, French employers who want to bring foreign talents to work for them in the country need to pay them more.

Through its website called Welcome Office, the agency Business France has noted that the French minimum wage has increased by 0,9 per cent since the same date, which also affects the minimum wage requirement for Talent Passport applicants.

The minimum hourly gross wage is now at €10.57, representing a monthly wage of €1,603.12 on a weekly basis of 35 hours,” the agency says.

A talent passport is a residence permit issued to nationals of third countries, including Britons, amongst others to those who have a Master’s degree or equivalent earned in France, those holding a highly skilled position, as well as those recruited by a company recognised as innovative by the French Ministry of Economy.

The document permits its holder to remain in France for multiple years, and at the end of the second year, the same can even change the employer.

According to the rules, in order for an employee to acquire a Talent Passport, the same should be offered a gross annual pay of at least 1.8 times the statutory national minimum wage (SMIC), i.e. €34,627.32€ as of January 1, 2022.

Explaining the reasons behind the decision to increase the minimum wage requirement, Business France notes that the same has been taken upon a re-evaluation of the relevant authorities.

The effect of the increase of the minimum wage is the re-evaluation of the minimum salary requirements of the Talent passport status for certain employees or company representatives and for certain general multi-year resident’s permits,” the agency further explains.

In October last year, reported that the French authorities had made changes to the application procedures for a “Talent Passport – New business” residence permit. According to the changes, non-European citizens now have to make a request to the Ministry of Economy in order to get an opinion on the nature of the business and its project creation. The request has to be made through a platform that has been created solely for this purpose.

From the same date, Germany has also changed the salary threshold for those applying for a Blue Card in 2022, decreasing the requirement from €56,800 in 2021 to €56,400.

In occupations for which there is a shortage of workers in Germany, the minimum gross salary for 2022 is now €43,992, while in 2021, it was €44,304.

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