The Spanish authorities have finally taken another step towards the removal of Coronavirus entry restrictions, lifting the health controls performed at the land borders with France for over two years now, starting from Thursday, May 19.

The decision has been announced by the Spanish Ministry of Health, which published an order in Spain’s Official Gazette (BOE), making ineffective an order of March 26, 2020, that had established health controls at the land borders with France,

taking into account the epidemiological situation in both countries and the current impact of the measure, it is considered appropriate to revoke the health control measures for people from France who arrive in Spain by land,” reads the order, signed on May 13, and effective starting from tomorrow.

According to the decision, travellers entering Spain through the land borders with France are no longer required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination, recovery from the virus, or negative test results, in order to be able to enter Spain. Previously, all travellers aged 12 and older had to present one of these three documents, meeting the criteria set by the Spanish authorities, in order to be able to enter Spain from France.

Aside from France, there are no health checks at the land borders between Spain and Portugal either.

On Monday, May 17, Spain also started the gradual reopening of borders between its African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla with Morocco by permitting the citizens and residents of the EU and those authorised to move within the Schengen area to enter from Morocco through the El Tarajal and Beni Enzar border crossings.

From May 31, cross-border workers will also be permitted to move through these two border checkpoints, while later, gradually, more groups will be eligible to do so.

In both categories, to access Ceuta and Melilla, it will be essential to meet the health requirements established by the Ministry of Health for these authorised border crossing points,” the Ministry has noted regarding explaining the conditions of entry through these border checkpoints.


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